LOL! These 20 Crazy Men Who Found Funny Solutions To Their Problems

Challenges and problems are parts of life and there’s nothing you can do to avoid them. As humans, one of the best things you can do is to work on a solution and face them head-on. The earlier you deal with problems, the earlier you’ll be able to fix them.

If you are looking for some motivation and inspiration, check out these 45 men who found clever solutions to their problems.

1. Backpack Hack- Students all know the struggle of pulling the correct book or notebook out of your backpack on the first try. Instead of playing the continual guessing game all you have to do is write the subject on the top of the notebook. This is a quick way to grab the correct subject notebook. This student probably has straight a’s.

2. Toot Your Own Horn- When your car horn breaks, just bring your own. That is what this driver did and he had no shame in “honking” his own horn at any other driver. He might have major road rage and needed the outlet, but by the look of his smirk, he might just be having too much fun.

3. Snow Days- Heavy snow is not going to stop this car from driving. When you happen to live in Moscow there are going to be plenty of days of heavy snow. So, many have installed their own mini snowplow. If the roads cannot get cleared fast enough, they will just plow the streets themselves.

4. Smart Cars- If it fits, is it okay? Finding a parking spot just got a lot easier for Smart Car and/or Fiat drivers, that is if they are willing to take the risk of its legality. Smart Cars are parked like this throughout the entire city and people do say “when in Rome”

5. Work Days- When you work from home, your office can be any place of your choosing. That is unless where you want is not realistic because of weather conditions, such as heat. The heat has never been friendly to technology. Well, here is one person’s solution that could be a life hack for many. She puts her laptop in a sideways cooler that has ice packs to keep her laptop from heating. It also provides the necessary shade to fight against the glare on its screen, ingenious.

6. Hat Full- Train rides can be very long, so technology is a lifesaver in passing the time. The only problem is that it can be annoying to have to hold your phone throughout the entire train ride. This gentleman had the perfect solution, carry your phone in your hat. All you have to do is hang your hat from the seat in front of you. This will give you the perfect view of your phone.

7. Romance- One boyfriend did not have any flowers at hand for his girlfriend, so he made his own bouquet. He believes this cable bouquet is best seen as tulips. If his girlfriend is a techie or gamer, this bouquet will not disappoint. It is a bouquet with the possibility of much power after all.

8. Any Mirror Will Work- The best part of a mirror is its functionality. When a person needs a mirror, it does not matter what type of mirror. When this individual needed to replace his passenger-side mirror, he knew any mirror would work and he was right. It might not match but it still works.

9. Red Means Stop- It is a universal sign that red means stop. Therefore, this worker did not mind having to use a table tennis racket to control traffic. He knew that the sign did not have to read stop, for cars to stop at his sign. It seems to be working, so smart thinking!

10. Tape it Up- A cement column is starting to crack, which should worry everyone in this structure. Instead, someone decided that taping it up will fix the problem. It is unclear how much the tape is actually helping but it was the only remedy they have during the time period. It is just going to have to work.

11. Hanging Bananas- Bananas have been taking up space on everyone’s counters for way too long. While you can spend money on purchasing a decor item that will hang bananas, most people do not have the money for an item such as that. Instead all you need is a 3M hook and you will be able to hang the bananas yourself. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

12. Need a Crutch?- Their leg might have been healed but their air conditioning needed a crutch. It was the perfect time to transfer the crutches from the human to the AC. As one person joked,

13. Making Shade- This beach lounge did not provide shade for his entire body, so he made his own shade. All he had to do was tie a blanket to the top of the chair and tie the bottom on his feet and voilà, instant body shade. He even has his own personal space within his new shade to read, sleep or relax comfortably.

14. Mop it Down- After a long day, chores can be the last thing you want to do. This soldier found a quick way to get the mopping done. There is no need to walk when you can chill on a hoverboard. This will also make one go faster with the mop down the hallways, smart thinking.

15. Two Cars in One- This car is either slowly getting upgraded or in the need of a quick and cheap fix. It is unclear which way this car is going but, hey, it still works and that is all that matters. Let’s hope the car is slowly getting upgraded and keeps changing with every new paycheck.

16. Man’s Best Friend- Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs just want to hang out with and love their human companion. This was used to the advantage of this skater who needed to video his performance, he put the camera on his dog. The dog did what every dog would do, he followed his human through the entire skate and this provided great footage.

17. Long Enough?- This bus passenger needed to charge his phone during the ride but there was one small problem, his cord was too short. His solution? Let his phone charge and just let it sit in his hat. If the cord could not reach his hands or lap, it would still get charged. When a phone needs charged, people will find unique ways to get their phone charged ASAP.

18. Iron Man- This is the best example of trying to find the best in a bad situation. When his phone screen cracked, instead of complaining he tried to see the best. So, he put Iron Man as the screensaver and made the cracks look like Iron Man’s strength. If you have to use a cracked phone screen, mind as well make it humorous.

19. It’s Not Broken- This clock broke in appearance but it did not break in its functionality. This must have been the reasoning behind in keeping it and just recreating the broken numbers. If it works, no reason to spend money on a new one. At least they tried to make it look presentable.

20. One Trip-We all hope to bring the groceries into the house in only one trip. We will over carry a massive amount of grocery bags that weigh what feels like a million pounds just to complete it once. One solution to help in the struggle of over carrying is to slip the handle of large items, such as laundry detergent, through the handles of the grocery bags. This will give your hands more space to hold other bags. Good luck!