This Husband-Wife Duo Continues Their Six-Decade Of Legacy With Afro Kids For Best Education

These days, a husband-wife duo is highlighting as they are continuing their legacy of six-decade with AFRO Kids for educating bl*** children. This couple has already taught more than half a million b*** families throughout their lives. This is the story of a veteran Hollywood producer, animator, and director named Leo Sullivan who with his wife named Ethelyn O.

Stewart has been working for more than 60 years in order to educate b*** families. This husband and wife used to create some interactive content in order to service more than 5, 00, 000  families of colors via the help of the Leo Sullivan multimedia. Recently this couple for their selfless act and contribution to the media were awarded the Rev Jesse Jackson Legacy award.

Image Credit: Black News Scoop

Now the couple with their commitment are now continuing their work with AFRO Kids TV, the company of Leo Sullivan’ sister, and with the help of their visualizing art, they are working to offer kids with solutions that they are requiring in order to overcome their challenges in their academic as well as social life.

Image Credit: Black Enterprise

Afro kids believe in the fact that every kid deserves to have the opportunity in order to achieve the best of their career. Further, they feel sorry for the African American kids as they were born in a community with already so many hurdles which often stifles them from achieving the best in their life.

Afrokids TV is taking the initiative to offer these afro kids a path helping them recognize their potential. This platform from the efforts of Sullivan and Stewart is making efforts in order to expose the kids to more positive enthusiasm as well as the role models that will help them develop a sense of self-perception and identity in edifying ways.

Image Credit: ABC News

This media company and the couple are hoping for seeding plants for the better and more confident future generation and are planning for partnering with even more organizations with a similar mission to create more interactive as well as informative content for the better retentions by the kids.