TikTok Star Quenlin Blackwell Surprised Her Fans That She’s Living With Diplo, 41 – VIDEO

The influencer did not elaborate if the arrangement is romantic. Quenlin Blackwell is living with Diplo.

The 19-year-old TikTok star stu-nned her fans on Wednesday when she casually mentioned that she shares a home with the 41-year-old superstar DJ.

Lying in bed, the teenager was fielding questions from her 4million followers who wanted to know if she ever gets no!se compla!nts from her neighbors over her rambu-nctious video shoots.

“I live with Diplo right now, and he fully supports my ende-avors,” she smiled — and seemed bemused that her fans found the news so sho-cking.

To prove it, she got out of bed and filmed herself walking into another room, and indeed there stood the Major Lazer founder, hoodied with tongue sticking out.

Pressed by followers for background on how the surprising living arrangement came to be, Quen briefly interviewed her housemate on camera.“Why do I live with you?” she asks.“I have no other friends,” he replies, forlorn. “It’s the truth.”

With fans still reeling at the revelation, Quenlin created a spur of the moment new TikTok series: Living With Diplo.“Since y’all care so much about me living with Diplo, I just started a series called living with Diplo’,” she g!ggled.

The brief episodes include the Peloton he has in her bedroom, how he struggles to tie his shoelaces, the music he listens to after conversations about Mark Wahlberg, and a behind-the-scenes at a music video shoot. “He’s doing a live stream concert so I’m being a supportive child and bringing him cheezits,” she captioned one.

Mississippi-born Diplo has never been married but has three children: two with ex Kathryn Lockhart, and one with Trinidadian model Jevon King. He counts Katy Perry among his exes, and last year was named by Sia as one of a very small list of men she is attracted to, to whom the offer of no-strings s*x is open.

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