Vanessa Bryant Gives Brand New Tesla To Kobe Bryant’s Sister Sharia

Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram Thursday with a clip in which she presented her la*e husband Kobe Bryant’s sister, Sharia Washington, with a new Tesla wrapp-ed in a giant bow. Vanessa, 39, posted a sh*t of herself hugging Washington, 45, as they posed in front of the sleek vehicle.

In the sh*t, Vanessa wore an ash grey sweatshirt with the initials L.A. as well as black leggings and patterned sneakers. Washington donned a flannel over a black top with black leggings and red Nike sne-akers. ‘Surprise @shariawash! We love you!!!’ she wrote. ‘Tesla Tunnel, here she comes!! Vegas to Cali #BoringTunnel,’ the ha*ht*g a reference to Tesla founder Elon Musk’s tunnel dug undern-eath the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Washington wrote in response, ‘OMG! So this happened today! Thank you so much V! I’m still speechless! This is absolutely amazing … Love you!!’ with the hashtags, #surprised #tesla and #love.

Vanessa, who is mom to daughters Natalia, 18, Bianka, four, and Capri, one, remains close with Bryant’s sisters Washington and Shaya Bryant-Tabb, more than 16 months after the January 2020 helicopter cr*** in which husband Kobe, 41, and daughter Gigi, 13, passes- away with seven others. In a clip, Washington said, ‘I’m done,’ as she wept tea-rs of joy as taking in her new ride from her sister-in-law.

In a separate clip, Vanessa repeated a lyric from the Doja Cat-Saweetie collaboration Best Friend, asking, ‘Is that my bestie in a Tessie?’ and asking Washington, ‘You like your car?’

In an Instagram post pr**r to Mother’s Day last month, Washington wrote to Vanessa, ‘You continue to amaze me with your heart and your stren-gth. ‘Proud to call you my sister and my friend. Happy birthday Queen! Love you!’ Vanessa spoke to People this past March about moving forward le-ss than two years after her husband and daughter pe!ished in the cr**h in Calabasas.

California along with pilot Ara Zobayan, 50, Alyssa Altobelli, 14, Keri Altobelli, 46, John Altobelli, 56, Payton Chester, 13, Sarah Chester, 46, and Christina Mauser, 38. ‘This p*** is unimaginable but you just have to get up and push forward,’ she told the outlet. ‘Lying in bed crying isn’t going to change the fa-ct that my family will never be the same again. ‘But getting out of b*d and pushing forward is going to make the day better for my girls and for me. So that’s what I do.’