Watch Hilarious ‘Dr-unk’ Backflip Fail In Viral TikTok This Video Will Make Your Day

Quarantining can cause some people to go a little st!r crazy, especially when you add alc*hol to the equation.

For one social media fan, the combination proved delightfully hilarious, as she showcased her gymnastic prowess in an attempt to do a backflip in a living room while her two siblings watched with buzzy ant!cipation.

In the short clip that has over 8 million views, TikTok user wild_rubez, dressed in a sweatshirt and Grinch pajama bottoms, prepares the audience for her awesome acrobatics by sho-uting, “Want some s–t!”

After crouching low, she throws her body up in the air with arms outstr-etched, twists, and suddenly falls on her face, sticking the landing. The family can’t contain themselves as they double over with laughter.

In a follow-up video, wild_rubez thanked her viewers for their concern about her well-being and revealed the stu-nt did ba-ng her up a bit, but she will fully recover. “I definitely felt it the next day,” she said with a laugh. “It went away after a while, but I just have a little bru!se on my left arm and a little swelling part on my lower part of the hip. But I’m ok.”

She went on to explain that the daring display was fueled by her “boo” requesting the three revelers try backflips and cartwheels in a birthday tribute for her mother, who happened to be filming the spectacle.

“It was definitely fun making, but I probably won’t do it again cause it really hu-rt,” she said, before rethinking the cla!m and adding, “I might try it again, cause my sister’s birthday is coming up. So we’ll see what will happen.”

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