Viral Video Of A Woman Who Drinks Water From A Toilet She Brushed To Prove Her Devotion Of Work To The Boss

A cleaner has spa-rked debate in China after being filmed drinking water from a toilet she had brushed to prove her devotion to work.

The sanitation worker offered to do so to show her higher-ups that she had done her job well, according to a report.Her firm billed her as an ‘exemplary employee’ and praised her dedication.

The news came to light when a video of a young woman consuming to!let water went viral. The 32-second clip shows the woman dressed in a suit sco-oping the liquid from a squ-at to-ilet with a small plastic cup before gu-lping it down in front of several people.

She then explained that it was a way for her to encourage herself to work harder and harder. The spectators, who appeared to be her supervisors, applauded to the woman’s words.

The footage is reported to have been filmed in a fert!lizer company in eastern China’s Shandong Province. It has led to he-ated discussions on Chinese social media platforms, with people debating over the necessity of the employee’s behavior.

One Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, one cr!tic cla!med that it was not appropriate for the company to promote such behavior during the COVID-19 pan*emic. Another person wrote: ‘Ask the bosses to join in.’A third observer believed that the woman had been fo*ced to do so to meet the company’s cleaning ta*get.

‘It was so hard on the cleaner,’ the person commented. Others cla!med it was ‘insu-lting’ for the supervisors to let their staff drink water from the toilet. While tap water is not safe to drink in China, the company insisted that the water in its toilets was suitable for inge-sting. It also cla!med that the staff member had done so out of her own will.

Speaking to Red Star News, the firm called Zhong Cheng Fe-rtiliser Technology Company lauded the worker, known by her surname Luo.It su-spected that the footage had been uploaded to the internet by a company client who found Ms Luo’s ac-tion ‘cur!ous’.  A spokesperson told the outlet that Ms Luo had drunk toilet water for nearly two years after initially ‘bre-aking through her psychological ba*riers’.The spokesperson cla!med Ms Luo intended to encourage herself with the ac-tion.The company urged all staff to learn from Ms Luo. It said: ‘She is our example[By doing so, it] shows she does her job to the highest level.’

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