Wendy William Finally Talks About Her Date With Faith Evans

Wendy Williams got the h*at and is continuing to bring it in 2021. Over the weekend her biopic premiered on Lifetime, becoming a mass!ve ratings winner for the network. The Ciera Payton led film brought forth to life her many industry tales, public highs and lows including her fail-ed marriage, substance ab*se !ssues, and more

Averag-ing over 2 million viewers, it performed way above the network’s normal viewership for a Saturday night, proving Wendy’s supporters are here for the juicy stories. Among the tales that were covered in the two-hour-long biopic was a brief mention about a r*mor that Williams had dated late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. However, for fans who wanted more of the story, she offered more details while giving interviews on her promo run.

As many fans recall, Wendy Williams stirr*d up be0ef with rapper Lil’ Kim, who has also shared a close relationship with B.I.G. While on-air during her H*t Topics segment, she addressed Kim’s cosmetic surg*ry. “In my mind, I knew your goal was always to look like La Toya Jackson,” said Williams. “You’ve out-La Toya’d La Toya in your new look. Don’t blame Photoshopping, blame your plastic surg*on, girl.”

Upon catching wind of Wendy’s comments, Lil Kim set off a bombshell via Twitter directed towards her. “Stop hat!ng on me because U s*****d Big’s expletive & he didn’t want nothing to do with yo a** after that,” she said. She then added in a separate post, “It’s time for the world to know the real. I’m not playing with yo a** no more. Let’s Get it!!!!”

Years later in 2019, Wendy sp*ke on the rumors again during an appearance with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. A fan asked about the rum-ors, to which Williams simply responded “That will play out in my Lifetime movie, okay?” Prior to her b*ef with Diddy, she and The Notorious BIG were cool she said. She tells Suss One that they exchanged numbers, her hoping to gain more stories, while he may have had his sights on something more.

“I could sense that he was very attracted to me,” Williams said. “And I was attracted to him in a way that he was funny, he was myster!ous, he was smart.” The two ended up going out to a popular NYC hotspot named The Shark Bar where she says one goes “to be seen”. While waiting to be seated in a private bo-oth, they politely interacted with fans, while she says he held her hand the whole time.

However, once they entered their private bo-oth, it was there that she became privy to the information that he and singer Faith Evans had just married. After their time at the restaurant, she says they smok-ed and she dropp-ed him home to Brooklyn. She insists they did not have sex, and a year later she revealed the information to Evans and offered an apology.