Lovely Couple Celebrates 15th Wedding Anniversary While Union With Their 11 Children

A pair who had their judicial wedding 15 years ago but couldn’t get the wedding and jewelry of their desires decided to hold a beach wedding in front of their 11 children to commemorate their 15th wedding anniversary. On their wedding anniversary, the great husband shared an insight into their simple love story while celebrating the union with their children.

Image Credit: Instagram

Kaymo, an American man, used Instagram to mark his 15th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife and 11 children. The spouse, who goes by the moniker Kaymo, shared many stunning seaside photographs on his Instagram account @TheAmazinKaymo, along with a bio that says, “Husband to a Queen who Gave Me 11 Kids.” The couple confessed that it was their children who ultimately forced them to arrange their ideal wedding.

They weren’t only celebrating their anniversary; they were also renewing their vows. “15th anniversary!” says the caption on the images. 2005 We married at the courthouse, without a ceremony or rings. After 15 years and 11 children, our children make us so happy to be able to share this moment with them.”

Image Credit: People

Sim Moore, his wife, and he married in 2005. Their children range in age from 2 to 17, with the oldest born in 2002. As shown in the images, the pair has been gifted with four attractive males and seven beautiful daughters. For the beach wedding, the husband, wife, and their children all wore white. Their seven girls acted as bridesmaids for their mother, while their four boys assisted their father as groomsmen.

Image Credit: People

Internet people are reacting to the incredible family and relationship story. Some people remarked they were stunning and that the photographs were the greatest they’d ever seen on the internet. Behold a family gifted with beautiful children due to a relationship that is both humble and deliberate. Kaymo’s union story is one that kids should learn from, as it shows that essential things may start small and progress to the summit.