Woman Left Te-rrified After Spotting A Mysterious Reflection In Her Sunglasses, Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

A mum was left ho-rrified after cla!ming to have noticed two people reflected in her sunglasses when she sent a selfie to her boyfriend while she cla!ms she was home alone.

Sara Medeiros, a mum-of-three, claims that none of her children, aged two-years-old, 14, and 18, were in when she decided to take a snap of herself modeling a new pair of shades and sending the image to her boyfriend.

She sent the photo to her boyfriend for a second opinion and was reviewing the image she had already sent him when she noticed what she claims were two figures watching her, with their image reflecting in her shades.

According to the Mirror, the young mum first noticed the so-called figures when she spotted “something in the reflection that didn’t belong there” – spa-rking panic as she wondered if she wasn’t home alone after all.

Taking to American question-and-answer website Quora, the mum shared the image and wrote: “I’m standing in my kitchen, facing the dining room. Directly through the doorway are my black dining room table and 4 chairs.”That’s what you should be seeing in the reflection on my glasses. But that’s not what I see.

“I see 2 figures, a young boy standing on the left and a taller (kind of unsettling) figure on the right, side by side.”Now I should mention that I believe in and am totally open to spirits/ghosts/entities and all that goes along with them.

“I’ve been told by more than one spiritual/psych!c medium that I have a young boy spirit attached to me and that there is also dark energy attached to me as well.”Anyway, I’m not sure if that’s what’s being reflected in the glasses but seeing whatever it is as clear as I do, sure sc-ared the s*** out of me.”The post prov-oked debate – and r!dicule – for the mum as not everyone was convinced she had been visited by two spirits.

One replied: “People see what they want to see. I can’t see what you see. It’s just reflections/light effects.Sometimes the simplest explanations are the best!” While another pointed out she had missed a golden opportunity, writing: “Should have got them to give you their opinions on how the glasses looked on you.”

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