Woman Publicly Sha-med Her BF’s Engagement Ring But People Think She’s The ‘Trashy’ One

When a woman found an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s drawers, she wasn’t happy about it. Despite the fact she wants to get married, the lass was fuming at the ring her partner picked out.

She took to Facebook to whinge, writing: “Ewwww. Self-sha-me Friday here I come.“Found this on the boyfriend’s nightstand. Not a fan.

“Please roast and tell me how to ta-ctfully say no you need to get something different.”The woman didn’t get the response she was hoping for – many cr!ticised her for mo-aning about the “beautiful” ring.

When screenshots of the Facebook post were shared on Reddit’s “tra-shy” forum, dozens of commenters said they loved the ring. One commenter confessed: “I would k!ll to have a ring-like that!”

Another said: “This design would actually be one of my dream designs.”And a third added: “I think it’s beautiful…She’s a mo-ron.”Others admitted they would du-mp their partner if they behaved as ru-dely as she had.

One Redditor said: “If I saw my fiancée post this that would no longer be my fiancée.”A second agreed: “Lucky for you, she’s not your fiancée until she says yes. So du-mp her on the corner!”Another wrote: “He needs to get something different alright, like a different fiancee.”

And a fourth added: “Do-dging a bu*let.”Some defe-nded the lass despite the backla-sh, with one commenter a*guing: “She’s allowed to not like the style of the ring and love the man.”And another concurred: “I agree. Not liking the style of the ring is not a problem, stores do exchanges all the time, and nobody cares.”

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