Woman Says That She Fo-rced To Cover Up With Pilot’s Shirt After Her Outfit Was Deemed ‘Le-wd’ By Airline Staff – VIDEO

As Kayla Eubanks was about to board a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, she cla*ms an employee stopped her and told her she was v*olat!ng the airline’s “dress code” and was not able to do so.

Eubanks documented the incident with a series of tweets and videos. “Y’all I was K!CKED OFF my at SouthwestAir flight because my br*ast are ‘l*wd, obs*ene and off*nsive.’

I was told that passengers may look at me in my attire and be off-ended,” she tweeted, including a photo of the “attire in question.”

“I really wanna know why at SouthwestAir is policing my clothes like this,” she said in another tweet. “How will my shirt imp-act my flight, for myself, the other passengers or even the pilot?

Y’all have a dress code for CUSTOMERS who pay to get on a plane? It’s the constant policing of women’s bo-dies for me.”

Eubanks recorded as an employee searched for the “dress code policy” the airline was trying to enfo-rce. In the video, Eubanks says she waited for 20 minutes while the employee looked for the policy. “If it’s there, why can’t y’all find it?” she says. “If it’s there, why don’t y’all know it?” The employee can be heard telling a co-worker to “close the plane in three minutes” and then offers to get Eubanks on a different flight if she chooses not to co-mply with the rules.

Eubanks explained on Twitter that the only people who gave her any fla-ck about her clothing were employees. “I kid y’all not, from the moment I stepped into my departing airport, to the duration of the flight and even after I landed, I was har-ass-ed,” she tweeted. “Not by passengers, but by Southwest employees. Half of the employees were complimenting me & the other half was asking where my shirt was.”

In the video, one of the employees gets a hold of the captain so that he can speak to Eubanks. He approaches Eubanks, saying, “They’re hat!ng on you because you’re looking good, is that right?” The captain asks Eubanks that if the policy says she has to dress differently, will she comply. Eubanks says she would have to see the policy first. The captain eventually loans Eubanks a T-shirt that she puts on to get on the plane.

She later takes the sh!rt off, prompting supervisors to speak with her upon landing. She also recorded that conversation. In the video, the supervisors agree with the employees that the top “revealed quite a b!t” and that “maybe others on the aircraft” will consider her top to be offens*ve. In a statement, Southwest Airlines told the Daily Dot: “Our Employees are responsible for the well-being and comfort of everyone onboard the flight.

We do our best to promote a family-centric environment, and we count on our Customers to use good judgment and exercise d!scretion while traveling. Regarding our policies, each situation is very different, and our Employees are responsible for following our Contract of Carriage, which is available on our website. The Customer was allowed to travel on her scheduled it!nerary, and we also reached out to her directly to apologize for her experience and provide a refund of her fare as a gesture of goodwill.”

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