Women Experiment Gone Wrong When Bleached Blonde Hair Falls Out Their Head During Live Stream

People online aren’t sure whether to laugh or sympathize with a woman who publicized a moment of real pa*ic while acc!dent-ally taking out a ch-unk of her hair on a live stream earlier this week. Loraine Blake, 18, is thankfully in good spi*its about it all. Her unfort-unate video, which was first only viewed by 20 people, has now gone viral.

On Thursday, Bl-ake, who’s from the Bronx, told BuzzFeed News she did not !esi*ate to start live stre-aming herself atte-mpting to relax her hair. The c*iti*al oversight was that she already had heavily ble-ach-ed it a few days earlier. “I’m always on Instagram Live whenever I’m doing something new to my hair … I wanted to make it stra-ight for finger waves,” she said. A few seconds into her live str-eam, Bl-ake is seen going into full-on shock when she realizes clumps of her ble-ach-ed blonde hair are coming off with a comb.

She then begins combing her hair (out) some more because, she said, she was in “pure sho*k and sadn-ess.” Her friends and followers who tuned in began reacting in sho*k with her. “OMG,” “NO,” “BRO,” they wrote. Thankfully (or not, for Blake), one of her friends, Adriana Solis, was watching while on a b**ak at work and recorded the video to then share on Twitter. The moment has now been watched over 5.4 million times.

“I was dying — I felt the st**g*le because I ble-ached my hair two years ago and at one point it just started falling out, and I kept combing it like her,” Solis told BuzzFeed News of her friend’s stream. Blake said she couldn’t react fast enough and “didn’t wash it out immediately because I couldn’t believe it.” “I felt so insecure,” she said, adding that she ran and cried to her mom. “I was so sad for Blake but it’s funny looking back,” said Solis.

“She can pu** off any look but I don’t think she’s looked better than this for real.” Despite never wanting to go b*ld, Blake said her mom helped her shave her entire head and “helped [her] become more confident” with it. “How I feel about my hair now? I love it,” she said. “It suits me and I am going to grow it back.” She even had a laugh at her own expense, sharing images of her new shaved head.

Yes, people laughed at her. And h**d. People had jokes. But Blake has been overwh-elmed by how many en!ourag*ng and positive responses she’s had from the millions of strangers who watched her make a huge mistake in real time. “Everyone on social media has been so nice to me, complimenting me on how it looks good,” she said. She has also gone from 8,000 followers to over 52,000. Blake is now more s!oc*ed by all of the attention surrounding it (Nicki Minaj apparently liked Solis’s tweet). “It was a beautiful acc!de!t,” Blake said.