Women Photoshop Her To Represent The ‘Perfect Female Body Shape’in Different Countries

It’s likely that we all have a personal image in our heads of what we would like our ‘perfect’ body to look like – but can we really create a ‘perfect’ body ideal for an entire country? It appears that Superdr-ug have done just that in a very interesting study that looks into how perceptions of beauty vary across the globe.

The aim of the study, named Perceptions of Perfection, is to explore the potentially unrealistic beauty standards and the body image pressures women face all around the world. Superdr-ug took one picture of a woman in her underw-ear and then asked 18 female designers from different countries to photoshop the image to represent the ‘perfect’ female figure in their country.

Here is the original image…

The exact brief was to ‘Photoshop and retouch this woman to make her more attractive to the citizens of your country,’ and the results are surprising. Some countries show off curvaceous, big-breasted figures, while others photoshop the original photo to make her smaller and more petite.

Here’s what the designer from the UK came up with…

Do you agree?

Scroll through the following photoshopped images to see how beauty standards differ for women all over the world and, for more details on the project, visit the Superdrug website.