Worker Was Enjoying His Lunch Break When “Karna” Tried To Disturb His Peace- Video

A USPS worker was enjoying his lunch br*ak when a “Karen” unsuccessfully tri*d to dist*rb his peace. Devan Jones posted the video of the in!ident to TikTok, where he goes by the username @bowtiedev and is the self-procla-imed “Best mailman in the world.”

Jones is seemingly u!fazed and uses music to drown out the woman as she continually kn-ocks on his window.

“When she wants her mail but it’s your lunch br*ak,” he captioned the video which shows him dri!ki!g a small bottle of juice and enjoying his tunes.

In a follow-up TikTok, Jones continues to be unboth-ered by the woman ba!gi!g on his window.

The woman attempts to solicit Jones’ attention in the video by approaching the window, he-ckl-ing the federal employee for her mail.

“Hello? Hello? Can I get my mail, you’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes?” she beg-ged. She then k*ocks one last time before announcing, “I’m calling your supervisor.” “This br*ak is a sure thing,” Jones wrote in the caption of part two.

The original video now has over 15 million views and even garnered the attention of artist Miguel who commented, “Love.”

One user wrote in the comments, “the only blue lives that matter hope you enjoyed your lunch king.” As a conclusion to the “Karen” fia!co with Jones, he posted a clip of him and the woman hugging, leading some users to believe the initial i!cident may have been stag-ed.

“a day later and after his 30 minute lunch she got her mail,” he wrote in the video featuring Peaches & Herb’s song “Reunited.”

Jones seems to be a local favorite among the neighborho-od, where he dresses up in costumes like The Grinch, Bl**k Panther, The Easter Bunny and more. Last month, in a video where he was dressed as Spider-Man, he can be seen in a USPS office standing below a banner that reads, “Devan #1 Mailman.”

Since launching his TikTok account in January, Jones has garnered over 65,000 followers and received over 3.7 million likes across all of his videos.

In a similar incident, a TikTok user named @holyhijabi posted a series of videos last summer showing a “Karen” banging on her window in what she described as “one of the s*ari*st moments of my life.”

She posted a second part of the i!cid*nt, where the woman ha****g her points a finger and calls her a t**r**st.