People Asking To YouTuber Who Sets Mercedes On Fi-re In Empty Field Just For Video Shoot – VIDEO

A YouTuber has stu-nned viewers after setting a Mercedes on fire in the middle of an empty field, has shared footage of the dan*erous stu-nt online.

The Russian star, ЛИТВИН – who goes by the name of Misha – filmed himself setting a Mercedes AMG GT63 on f!re, seen in the video removing at least a dozen ba-rrels of ga-soline from the boot of the car.

He then goes on to do-use the vehicle in the liquid, leaving a trail of ga-soline on the patch of grass leading up to the Mercedes.

He even stops to cheekily pour the rest of the fuel onto a grill in order to cook some sausages – because bu*ning cars is hungry work, clearly.

As he munched on a sausage, Misha then throws a lighter onto the ga-soline trail he’d poured onto the grass – although at first it doesn’t light, much to his d!sappointment. After several attempts, it eventually works, with the blaze catching Misha by surprise as the grass suddenly ign!tes as he jumps out of the way.

It only takes a matter of seconds for the fire to reach the car, traveling along the specially-crafted fuel trail before getting to the ta-rget – which suddenly goes up in fla-mes, with sm-oke billowing into the sky. As the Mercedes bu-rns, Mischa cro-uches down in the foreground of the video, eating a sausage from a safe distance while his de-struction goes on behind him.

Later in the clip, he attempts to get into another car – this one an old ba-nger – but is fru-strated when it won’t start, having to rope in two mates to help get him moving. Is it a fa-ble in shunning capitalistic goods? Is Misha just in search of a simpler life? Or, perhaps more likely, does he just like bu-rning things for YouTube videos?

Many viewers were sho-cked by Misha’s bizarre and dan*erous stu-nt, with one person commenting: “American bloggers sma-sh iPhones – Russian bloggers burn Mercedes.”Another added: “Goosebumps is on my skin! Rest in peace, Shark…”A third wrote: “I fry a kebab, Misha fries a Mercedes…”It probably goes without saying, but if you’ve got a sp-are Mercedes lying around, you probably shouldn’t try this one at home – although you can cook some sausages and eat them… That bit’s totally fine.

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